Monday, February 22, 2010


Gear is an important part to racing. It protects you from getting hurt. There are all kinds of big brand names for gear.

For me all I wear is Troy Lee Design. My pants, jersey, and chest protector is Troy Lee Design. My pants and jersey are camo orange. My chest protector is all orange. The chest protector has saved me many of times. I have smacked my shoulder off trees and the ground so many times; I’m lucky I haven’t broken my collar bone, but my chest protector protects my shoulder. All the gear I have is orange to match my bike since I ride a KTM.

My knee pads or a Thor brand. When I flex my knee the bend with it. They are very a comfortable fit and have protected my knee and part of my leg.

My helmet, which is has one sweet looking design on it is made by Troy Lee Design. I have had all kinds of helmets and this is the only that has fit me just right. It’s very light, so I hardly fell it on my head. The design on it is flames. It is black with some silver and orange flames.

I wear Scott goggles. I have roll offs and tear offs. I have worn Smith goggles and many other brands named goggles. They all push down on my nose and then I can’t breathe. The Scott is a comfortable fit and doesn’t push down on my nose.

•Roll offs: when you get mud on them you reach up and pull on a string and it has a film that clears the lens so you can see.

•Tear offs: when you get mud on them you reach up and pull a piece of clear plastic that clears your lens so you can see.

I wear Alpinestars boots. There are many brands and sizes for people. I wear tech 10,which has ankle braces built into them. They have protected my feet, but have failed since I lost one of my toes. Know I am sponsored by them and can get boots from them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tire Selection

Tire’s is an important part on a bike. You have to check track conditions to know what tire to have. If it is wet or rainy you want to have a mud tire to get better traction. If it is dry you want to have soft or intermediate tire.

For most pro racer they have a new tire on front and back for every race. I don’t know if a new tire would help out every race unless it is muddy. The pro riders have sponsors from tire companies, so they can get a new tire for every race and practicing.

Tire sponsors for bikes in GNCC:
•KTM- Michelin

Most stock bikes that come from factory come with either Bridgestone tire or Dunlop.
I try to have a new tire for every race, but it gets too expensive. For a front tire on average it cost 60 dollars and for the back it’s an average of 70-80 dollars. For me I ride KTM and I am staying with Michelin, but with no sponsor so it is hard to buy a new tire every week.

When it comes to tire pressure everyone has their own way. I usually leave around 10 pounds of air in my tire to get good traction.

I can remember one race how it rained for two or three days and I had put a new front and back Michelin tires on and it help out so much. I would come to a hill and everyone would be stuck on it and I would go right up it because I had so much traction. With new tires and the tire pressure so low I had tons of traction and could anywhere.

All riders have their own tire selection and tire pressure, but it is how you ride and how it feels to you.

I have raced in the sand before and they do make sand tires for dirt bikes. They look like paddles and work really good and they get awesome traction.

They make all sorts of tires that you can choose from and it depends on the track and weather. It also depends on the rider and what tire he thinks will help him out.

Monday, February 8, 2010


When I was growing up all I had was a Yamaha. My dad grew up riding a Yamaha and that what he put me on starting out. I first had a pw50 Yamaha that I started riding with training wheels. I soon took them off and started riding with my own power. When I got older my dad bought me a pw80 that I got really fast on so I thought. I never had a problem with any Yamaha I have ever owned.

In the past few years in the GNCC the factory Yamaha team has been strong. In 2007 two Yamaha riders were number two and three in the top 20 overall. In 2008 there were two in the top ten overall and in 2009 there was one rider in the top ten.

“A seven time GNCC ATV champion Barry Hawk Jr. made the transition from four wheels to two and never looked back, winning the GNCC Championship on an YZ250 in 2003. Always a threat for the championship Hawk finished in the runner up spot in 2005 and 2006.” Riding on a four stroke Barry looks to win another GNCC title for Yamaha.

“A four time AMA National Hare Scrambles Champion Jason made history in 2007, by taking the 2007 WR450F to its maiden win during the final rounds of the 2007 AMA National Hare Scrambles Championships and then followed it up by winning the 2008 AMA Eastern Hare Scrambles and AMA East vs. West Hare Scrambles Shoot-out Championships. Jason has established a winning tradition on the WR450F.” In 2010 he is riding the National Enduro’s and GNCC.

These two Yamaha riders are on the Factory Yamaha team and look to compete in 2010.

Josh Hill is a factory rider for Yamaha in the supercross. He is leading the way for Yamaha this year with 2nd overall so far in the supercross series. There are 4 Factory Yamaha riders in the top ten.

Standings After Round 5 of 17

1Ryan Dungey 105
2Josh Hill - YAMAHA 101
3Ryan Villopoto 95
4David Millsaps 82
5Ivan Tedesco - YAMAHA 77
6Justin Brayton - YAMAHA 72
7Andrew Short 69
8Kevin Windham 66
9Thomas Hahn 56
10James Stewart - YAMAHA 51

Monday, February 1, 2010


KTM is probably the top bike to buy and race the next day. They are equipped with aftermarket parts that you don’t get when you buy a Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, or Honda.

In the GNCC and Enduro’s you look at the starting line and all you see is orange. They have a bike for every class and some for make up their own class because no other bike has made one like it.

Last year Russell Bobbitt and Mike Lafferty dominated the National Enduro’s backed by Factory KTM.
• Russell- 267 points
• Mike- 266 points

In the GNCC KTM is by far the bike to have. There are 37 classes for the bikes. At the end of the year in all of those classes there were 22 KTM riders that won their class.
KTM is a bike ready to race when you buy.

They came stock with:
• Excel rims
• Pro Taper handlebars
• WP suspension
• Electric start-
• Brembo brake system

KTM is not a big name for supercross or motocross, but they will eventually be at the top. For motocross KTM just came out with a 350 bike. With a new linkage shock in the rear that will make a smoother ride. It is a bike between a 250 and a 450 that has more power than a 250, but not as much as a 450 so you can handle it better out on the track.

I bought a 450xcw KTM in 2009. I was looking between KTM, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. I asked the prices and KTM was the most expensive one, but it come stock with a lot of parts that the other bikes didn’t have. Also there was a package deal with the purchase of the 450xcw. With it coming stock with parts other bikes didn’t have and the package deal made my decision to buy it.

The package deal consisted of:
• Front and Back Michelin Tire
• FMF slip on exhaust
• KTM grips
• Oil
• Ready to race graphics
• Chain lube
• KTM 5 gal. gas can
• Bark busters