Monday, February 1, 2010


KTM is probably the top bike to buy and race the next day. They are equipped with aftermarket parts that you don’t get when you buy a Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, or Honda.

In the GNCC and Enduro’s you look at the starting line and all you see is orange. They have a bike for every class and some for make up their own class because no other bike has made one like it.

Last year Russell Bobbitt and Mike Lafferty dominated the National Enduro’s backed by Factory KTM.
• Russell- 267 points
• Mike- 266 points

In the GNCC KTM is by far the bike to have. There are 37 classes for the bikes. At the end of the year in all of those classes there were 22 KTM riders that won their class.
KTM is a bike ready to race when you buy.

They came stock with:
• Excel rims
• Pro Taper handlebars
• WP suspension
• Electric start-
• Brembo brake system

KTM is not a big name for supercross or motocross, but they will eventually be at the top. For motocross KTM just came out with a 350 bike. With a new linkage shock in the rear that will make a smoother ride. It is a bike between a 250 and a 450 that has more power than a 250, but not as much as a 450 so you can handle it better out on the track.

I bought a 450xcw KTM in 2009. I was looking between KTM, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. I asked the prices and KTM was the most expensive one, but it come stock with a lot of parts that the other bikes didn’t have. Also there was a package deal with the purchase of the 450xcw. With it coming stock with parts other bikes didn’t have and the package deal made my decision to buy it.

The package deal consisted of:
• Front and Back Michelin Tire
• FMF slip on exhaust
• KTM grips
• Oil
• Ready to race graphics
• Chain lube
• KTM 5 gal. gas can
• Bark busters


Cimino said...

KTM bikes are dirty (as in sweet)! My family and I know some people that race with KTM bikes and they are so powerful! I tried to ride one a few years ago and I decided I was going to fast and couldn't stop so I jumped off and pro the clutch on the almost brand new bike. And ever since then I stay on quads! This post was very informational!

Hillblogger said...

This was a good read. I really learned a lot from this blog. I`m not a person who is into bikes like that but after hearing about this that bike sounds cool. If I were to buy a bike I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t have the money and I don’t race. Again this was very informal and if I ever decide to get a bike im coming to you first so I can know what I am doing.

Derek John Boczkowski said...
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Derek John Boczkowski said...

Is the picture a picture of your bike model?

I think Hillblogger meant the the post was informative, not informal. I agree, but since you're dealing with a general audience here, you may want to link to explanations of some terms that not everyone would be familiar with (or describe them yourself). I'm thinking about terms like, for example, "Bembro brake system."