Monday, January 25, 2010


Suzuki is one of the top bikes out on the market for


Chad Reed won the supercross in 2008 on his Rockstar Makita Suzuki. Chad won 9 of the 14 races in the AMA supercross to give him the edge to win a championship for Suzuki. With 13 top five finishes and 16 top ten finishes helped him win his second his second AMA championship and his first win riding for Rockstar Makita Suzuki.

1.Chad Reed- 184 points
2.Kevin Windham-154 points

In 2009 Chad Reed wanted to come back and win a 2nd championship for Suzuki. James Stewart came back strong and beat Chad by 4 points to win the AMA Supercross. With only 3 wins, 16 top five finishes and 17 top ten finishes didn’t have enough to beat James Stewart.

1.James Stewart-377
2.Chad Reed-373

Suzuki had a strong year in 2009. Ryan Dungey won the Supercross West Coast Lites.

1.Ryan Dungey-178
2.Jake Weimer-173

In the Supercross East Coast Lites Austin Stroupe finished 2nd.

1.Christopher Pourcel-181
2.Austin Stroupe-148

AMA Supercross leader in 2010 is Ryan Dungey. A rookie that came from the west coast that has dominated the last two races. He has won the last two races leading the point’s standings currently and going for another championship for Rockstar Makita Suzuki.

In 2009 Suzuki dominated the track with two riders in top 3. Joshua Strang finished 2nd with five wins out of the 13 races. With 11 top five finishes and 12 top ten finishes wasn’t enough to beat the number 1 rider Pual Whibley a Kawasaki factory rider. Charles Mullins won only one race to get third place, but he never had a bad finish. With 13 top five finishes out of the 13 races Mullins held strong to get third in the GNCC.

1.Pual Whibley-312 points
2.Joshua Strang- 290 points
3.Charles Mullins- 280 points

Suzuki plans on dominating in 2010 in both Supercross and in GNCC. With Dungey already to an early lead in the AMA Supercross will help motivate the Suzuki team to go out and prove that they are the ones to beat. The GNCC starts up in February and Suzuki hopes for a title.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport. You are putting your whole body out on the race track and at any time you can injure anything.

Most common injuries:

• Foot injuries
• Leg injuries
• Back injuries
• Head injuries
• Neck injuries

In 2006 I injured my foot from racing. The race was at Reno Raceway which is usually a mud hole, but it was dry and fast. I hit a stick on the last lap and it went through my boot taking my toe off. I ended up losing one of my toes and had 32 stitches. I ended up in Marietta Memorial Hospital for two days. After Marietta I had to go to an orthopedic surgeon until I recovered from the accident.

My brother has broken his ankle three from a motorcycle accident. Has had screws put into his ankle and taken back out from injuring it so many times. Also, has been taken to the orthopedic surgeon to recover. The orthopedic surgeon knows my brother and me really good since we have been there every summer since 2006.

In supercross Matt Moss a teammate to Dungey and Stroupe injured his back at Brisbane Australasian Super X Final. He cheered on his teammates in Anaheim 1. His report was a fractured T7-T8. It looks like he might be out for awhile, so his teammates will have to pick up the pace.

In the AMA Endero Mike Lafferty injured his foot. Out a race hurt him in points and could have cost him the title for the ninth time. He had pins put into his foot and had to have re-hab. When he recovered he won the next endero in Marquette, Michigan.

The two worst injuries are the head and back. They can be the most devastating accidents. With high speeds like motocross you can hurt your head and back and it could be death. Motorcycle racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. You are on two wheels with very few things that can protect you, but with high speeds it is highly likely that any protective gear can protect you from injury or series injury.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Motorcycle Series

Supercross series is a race held in a stadium on a dirt track having hairpin turns and high technical jumps. It consists of two classes which is 250 lites and 450 supercross. They have two heats for each class. The first race of this year was held January 9th, 2010 in Anaheim, California where the defending champ James Stewart battled with Ryan Dungey a rookie to win round one in 450 class.

Motocross is an outdoor track with high speeds and high technical jumps, which is held in the summer.

Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series is the toughest off-road series in the world. It is held across the United States. The toughest track would be Snowshoe, West Virginia. You experience rocks, boulders, mud, and roots. The GNCC is the head series over woods racing. Both supercross and GNCC are televised.

The District 11/ama series is in the woods that is like the GNCC, but is not as big. Most local riders ride them because they are all in Ohio. It is competitive and has many race tracks to race at. There is usually a race every weekend unlike the GNCC or Extreme Dirt series.

Extreme Dirt series is an outlaw series that is off-road. The races are in West Virginia and Ohio. They have some of the toughest tracks and competitors. It is the cheapest series to race in with registration fees.

The series‘s above have classes for everyone and is broke down by the motorcycle and the age of the rider. Also, these series’ have a class for four wheelers and same everything is the same as the motorcycles as the classes go.

The Endero series is also across the United States and is different from GNCC and Extreme Dirt series. You have to have your motorcycle license and your bike has to be street legal. During a race you are timed through the woods and once you get to the road you have to follow the law. Riding in the woods is the only way to get points and be timed to compete in the Endero series.

Dual Sports is like the Endero, but you just go out and ride. It is not timed nor do you get points and is not a race. Most of the old riders ride the Dual Sport series, but some racers ride them for practice.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my first blog

Hello, my blog is going to be about motorcycle racing. To race you have to have the top of the line bike. I have been on every bike made growing up. How much you have to train to be in shape to race. I try to ride every day to practice and it helps when you ride with people that can push you. Also, to train I weight lifts, run, or ride a bicycle to be in shape to race.

You will find out every weekend you travel alot and in this economy it is tough to travel. Most of the races that I race are not close to my home. The district 11/ama series is in Ohio, but the GNCC series is out of state.

I will talk about my hometown hero that encouraged me in racing and everyone else that has encouraged me to race.

The parts that you put on your bike can be a big help to the race. What kind of tire you put on can make a difference in where you are racing and there are many other things you can put on for better performance.

How I got into racing and the different types of races. There are many series for you to race in and I can tell you most of them from experience and from watching TV. There is supercross, motocross, which I do not ride, but I watch on TV and I know which people are top in those series. The series that I ride are more in the woods other than the supercross and motocross that are ramps and jumps. I ride Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series, Extreme Dirt series, Dual Sports, Endero’s, and District 11/ama series. The biggest series that I ride is GNCC and the experience from that was a life time experience. I got to travel all over the US and see historical sites. I can write about all the places that I traveled too and the series that I ride and watch.

How dangerous it is to race. Every time you race you most likely going to hit the ground and get hurt. I have experience from wrecking, so I can tell you all about them. The faster you go the more likely that it’s doing to hurt worse.

Racing is a competitive sport and can get very expensive. To get competitive you have to race every race to be in the point’s race. To race every race means spending money on your bike for parts, gas money to drive to the races, and money to get into the track and to register to race.