Monday, February 22, 2010


Gear is an important part to racing. It protects you from getting hurt. There are all kinds of big brand names for gear.

For me all I wear is Troy Lee Design. My pants, jersey, and chest protector is Troy Lee Design. My pants and jersey are camo orange. My chest protector is all orange. The chest protector has saved me many of times. I have smacked my shoulder off trees and the ground so many times; I’m lucky I haven’t broken my collar bone, but my chest protector protects my shoulder. All the gear I have is orange to match my bike since I ride a KTM.

My knee pads or a Thor brand. When I flex my knee the bend with it. They are very a comfortable fit and have protected my knee and part of my leg.

My helmet, which is has one sweet looking design on it is made by Troy Lee Design. I have had all kinds of helmets and this is the only that has fit me just right. It’s very light, so I hardly fell it on my head. The design on it is flames. It is black with some silver and orange flames.

I wear Scott goggles. I have roll offs and tear offs. I have worn Smith goggles and many other brands named goggles. They all push down on my nose and then I can’t breathe. The Scott is a comfortable fit and doesn’t push down on my nose.

•Roll offs: when you get mud on them you reach up and pull on a string and it has a film that clears the lens so you can see.

•Tear offs: when you get mud on them you reach up and pull a piece of clear plastic that clears your lens so you can see.

I wear Alpinestars boots. There are many brands and sizes for people. I wear tech 10,which has ankle braces built into them. They have protected my feet, but have failed since I lost one of my toes. Know I am sponsored by them and can get boots from them.


Derek John Boczkowski said...

Ah, a sponsor. But they "failed" you, huh (of course, I know the story)? Uh, oh. You might not want that out in public.

I'd recommend putting a pic of you in here where you are talking about how you dress, so we can see you in full regalia.

Solid post.

Anonymous said...

Gear is very important when it comes to riding. You have to be safe and comfortable, otherwise, your riding ability could be impaired. Question: Do you wear a full racing helmet? I've heard pros and cons.

Shinobi110990 said...

Yeah I would say gear is very important for any sport, but defiantly for a bike rider. Helmets for any bike rider are the biggest thing. Most accidents involving bikers who have died could have lived if they were wearing their helmets. For sport though all gear is needed. One false move and you can be hitting a tree, the ground, or what ever is around you. My joints get soar every now and then just from playing sports in high school. What was the flaw in the design of the boot that caused you to lose your toe? Ouch!!!