Sunday, March 14, 2010

CPSC Act: No Riding 12 and Under

The Government today is trying to ban motorcycles from kids 12 and under; I think it is the stupidest law that the government could pass. It is hurting the economy by not selling bikes and parts to the kids. Small businesses are hurting the worst at this time. Congress and many other people thought it was a good idea for this bill. I thought so as well for toys, but not for motorcycles. Motobaby explains how this law is hurting the economy and what he wrote throughout “Help us Keep Riding,” I will have to agree with him.

In “Help us Keep Riding,” Motobaby talks about how the government is screwing it up for everyone. Motobaby is in the support on helping kids to ride again. On February 10, 2009 the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 was put into effect. This means that they stopped selling bikes and parts to kids under the age of 12. He writes how it’s not just about motorcycles; it’s about anything that has lead in it. Also he wrote how this law increased the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) funding from 80 million dollars to 136 million dollars because of the government act. The author shows that in this blog how the motorcycle people acted fast and are trying to change the law so kids can ride and he supported them.

Many kids have been killed from toys that have been recalled (Safety Blog, 2007). Motobaby states that if they have been recalled it means that there is no reselling the toy or bike. In Motobaby’s post he states that if you do the fines are doubled. “Congress wasn’t the only ones who thought this bill was a good idea, Francesca T. Grifo of the union of concerned scientists said, “A stronger inspector General and a website for CPSC employees to anonymously report their concerns, along with whistleblower protections for those who report about unsafe products, will contribute to more transparency and accountability at this agency” (”

In this blog he tells about how this bill hurt many small businesses because they didn’t have enough money to test anything that they made, so it made them go out of business. The author has got some resources from famous motorcycle racers. For motorcycle people in this blog they don’t like the ban. The Author states: Travis Pastrana, a pro motocross racer says, “I think this ban is one of the most ridiculous things I ever heard… riding is definitely a family sport.”

I agree with the ban on all toys and clothes, but I will not agree with the CSPC on banning motorcycles. I will go with Travis Pastrana and say that it is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I grew up on motorcycles and I would want my kid to ride. What could be wrong with the bikes that they have to ban them? Do they honestly think that a kid is going to eat their bike? I mean it has lead in it and all, but come on, a kid is not going to eat a bike.

It may be okay to prohibit children under six years old for riding these motorcycles, but I don’t agree with extending the age to twelve. I think that CSPC can change this law and make it better for the kids who want to ride bikes. For toys yeah kids do chew on them, so they should worry about the toys, not motorcycles.

He states that the small business the small business is hurting and I will agree with him. He does have a point because around me banning motorcycles has hurt the economy. I know the dealerships around me because I have sponsorships. They are hurting! I have gone there and no little bikes are out on the displayed area. As parents if they want their kids to ride like them; they want to start them out early, but with this law they can’t start riding till they are 12 years old.

A kid that lives beside me is 10 years old and loves to ride his motorcycle. We were riding and we noticed that his fork seals were leaking. We took it to the shop to have them order new fork seals and they said they can’t order them because of the law and if they did they would get fined. Now he can’t ride anymore because of this stupid law. This law will not let the 10 year old boy buy a part because he is not old enough, so now he can’t ride.

The CSPC needs to reconsider and let kids ride bikes. I do agree about the toys and all, but the bikes need to be let go. They are trying to make everyone safe in the world, but I think it is being a little over board. I think the last paragraph of the blog stands out the most because it is what I’m trying to say. It is hurting the U.S. people and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act needs to change so the economy doesn’t get any worse than it has already gotten; especially for small business as the author states throughout the last part of his blog.