Monday, March 15, 2010

Final Blog Post!

Blogging is a place where you can go and find many things from different topics. Blogging can help you find anything you need to know about. Blogging affects many peoples life’s and can change how you think. I believe that blogs are best used as communicative tool from my experience in using the blogosphere.

Blogging can affect you by reading a blog similar to yours and you not agreeing on it. Or if someone puts a comment on your blog, and doesn’t agree with you. The thing about the blogosphere is that you can put your opinion about anything you want to. You can write a blog that has your own opinion, or comment on someone’s with your own opinion.

There is nothing like blogosphere; anyone can get on the internet and read what you wrote and even post comments.

As a student on blogosphere you have to pick a topic and write blog posts. Blogger is good for assignments for students. It gets students to think and type essays about their topic. And it gives the chance for students to connect to other peoples blogs and comment on them.

You can get fast up to date news all around the world with blogger. You can go to Google and type in something and you might go to a blog.

Blogs are used for: high lights of games, skateboarding, motorcycle updates, you can even find things that can piss you off. If you know of something look it up on blogger and I bet someone has articles about it. People can read blogs to get good facts and opinions on anything they can think of.
These blogs can affect your life in many ways. You can find something out that you never knew. Like in my case I never knew that they banned motorcycles from kids 12 and under.

You can find things out on blogger that you are doing illegal and didn’t even know about. That’s why blogger should be a main thing that people should read to find out facts.

Blogger is a quick tool to use when asking a question on the internet. When you ask a question on the internet more than likely it will take you to a blog that will give you your answer that is a fact.

With blogger the more content you have the higher ranking you will be when someone types it in on Google.

Blogger is not like any other website you get on. Like Facebook or Twitter you have to log in and become a member. With blogger you don’t have to. It’s a lot easier you can go to blogger and look at posts that you want to look at and get answers, or you can even comment back to the author of the blog post.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...


The makings of a strong post ere, but the paragraphs are a little skimpy. They need their ideas to be better fleshed out.