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Suzuki is one of the top bikes out on the market for


Chad Reed won the supercross in 2008 on his Rockstar Makita Suzuki. Chad won 9 of the 14 races in the AMA supercross to give him the edge to win a championship for Suzuki. With 13 top five finishes and 16 top ten finishes helped him win his second his second AMA championship and his first win riding for Rockstar Makita Suzuki.

1.Chad Reed- 184 points
2.Kevin Windham-154 points

In 2009 Chad Reed wanted to come back and win a 2nd championship for Suzuki. James Stewart came back strong and beat Chad by 4 points to win the AMA Supercross. With only 3 wins, 16 top five finishes and 17 top ten finishes didn’t have enough to beat James Stewart.

1.James Stewart-377
2.Chad Reed-373

Suzuki had a strong year in 2009. Ryan Dungey won the Supercross West Coast Lites.

1.Ryan Dungey-178
2.Jake Weimer-173

In the Supercross East Coast Lites Austin Stroupe finished 2nd.

1.Christopher Pourcel-181
2.Austin Stroupe-148

AMA Supercross leader in 2010 is Ryan Dungey. A rookie that came from the west coast that has dominated the last two races. He has won the last two races leading the point’s standings currently and going for another championship for Rockstar Makita Suzuki.

In 2009 Suzuki dominated the track with two riders in top 3. Joshua Strang finished 2nd with five wins out of the 13 races. With 11 top five finishes and 12 top ten finishes wasn’t enough to beat the number 1 rider Pual Whibley a Kawasaki factory rider. Charles Mullins won only one race to get third place, but he never had a bad finish. With 13 top five finishes out of the 13 races Mullins held strong to get third in the GNCC.

1.Pual Whibley-312 points
2.Joshua Strang- 290 points
3.Charles Mullins- 280 points

Suzuki plans on dominating in 2010 in both Supercross and in GNCC. With Dungey already to an early lead in the AMA Supercross will help motivate the Suzuki team to go out and prove that they are the ones to beat. The GNCC starts up in February and Suzuki hopes for a title.

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I would like to know (not just as your teacher, but as a reader) up front a little about your opinion on why Suzuki motorcycles are so successful at these races. You could use the races that you mention to support your point. Otherwise, you're just funneling information here.