Monday, January 18, 2010


Motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport. You are putting your whole body out on the race track and at any time you can injure anything.

Most common injuries:

• Foot injuries
• Leg injuries
• Back injuries
• Head injuries
• Neck injuries

In 2006 I injured my foot from racing. The race was at Reno Raceway which is usually a mud hole, but it was dry and fast. I hit a stick on the last lap and it went through my boot taking my toe off. I ended up losing one of my toes and had 32 stitches. I ended up in Marietta Memorial Hospital for two days. After Marietta I had to go to an orthopedic surgeon until I recovered from the accident.

My brother has broken his ankle three from a motorcycle accident. Has had screws put into his ankle and taken back out from injuring it so many times. Also, has been taken to the orthopedic surgeon to recover. The orthopedic surgeon knows my brother and me really good since we have been there every summer since 2006.

In supercross Matt Moss a teammate to Dungey and Stroupe injured his back at Brisbane Australasian Super X Final. He cheered on his teammates in Anaheim 1. His report was a fractured T7-T8. It looks like he might be out for awhile, so his teammates will have to pick up the pace.

In the AMA Endero Mike Lafferty injured his foot. Out a race hurt him in points and could have cost him the title for the ninth time. He had pins put into his foot and had to have re-hab. When he recovered he won the next endero in Marquette, Michigan.

The two worst injuries are the head and back. They can be the most devastating accidents. With high speeds like motocross you can hurt your head and back and it could be death. Motorcycle racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. You are on two wheels with very few things that can protect you, but with high speeds it is highly likely that any protective gear can protect you from injury or series injury.


Derek John Boczkowski said...


Some great stuff here. I'm just glad you've survived the crashes to write about it.

How long ago did Moss's injury occur?

Hillblogger said...

You are a brave person to keep riding a motorcycle. I myself don`t want to ride a motorcycle. Also for you to race motorcycles. I couldn’t do it. I don’t even race people for fun in my car. And I have more protection in a car than I would on a motorcycle. This was a good read I enjoyed reading about you are your brothers trips to the hospital. I am glad that both of you are still alive and that both of you have become very good friends with your surgeon. Like I said both of you are braver than I because after that first injury I might have quit riding motorcycles all together.

antoniolampkins said...

That's crazy what happened to your foot. Now i know why you got the name "Nine Toe Tuck" haha. How long did you have to wait to race agin? I've always thought about trying to ride dirt bikes, watching Travis Pastrana makes me want to learn to ride. A friend of mine races, and he's offered to let me ride his bike a few times. I've considered it ,but then he told me some of the several injuries he has experienced. Like your brother, he also has broken his ankle a few times along with a few broken fingers. So for now ill enjoy the sport from my t.v. haha.