Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my first blog

Hello, my blog is going to be about motorcycle racing. To race you have to have the top of the line bike. I have been on every bike made growing up. How much you have to train to be in shape to race. I try to ride every day to practice and it helps when you ride with people that can push you. Also, to train I weight lifts, run, or ride a bicycle to be in shape to race.

You will find out every weekend you travel alot and in this economy it is tough to travel. Most of the races that I race are not close to my home. The district 11/ama series is in Ohio, but the GNCC series is out of state.

I will talk about my hometown hero that encouraged me in racing and everyone else that has encouraged me to race.

The parts that you put on your bike can be a big help to the race. What kind of tire you put on can make a difference in where you are racing and there are many other things you can put on for better performance.

How I got into racing and the different types of races. There are many series for you to race in and I can tell you most of them from experience and from watching TV. There is supercross, motocross, which I do not ride, but I watch on TV and I know which people are top in those series. The series that I ride are more in the woods other than the supercross and motocross that are ramps and jumps. I ride Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series, Extreme Dirt series, Dual Sports, Endero’s, and District 11/ama series. The biggest series that I ride is GNCC and the experience from that was a life time experience. I got to travel all over the US and see historical sites. I can write about all the places that I traveled too and the series that I ride and watch.

How dangerous it is to race. Every time you race you most likely going to hit the ground and get hurt. I have experience from wrecking, so I can tell you all about them. The faster you go the more likely that it’s doing to hurt worse.

Racing is a competitive sport and can get very expensive. To get competitive you have to race every race to be in the point’s race. To race every race means spending money on your bike for parts, gas money to drive to the races, and money to get into the track and to register to race.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...

Boy, Tucker, it sounds as if you have included ideas for future posts here. Don't try to take up more than one specific topic per post from here on out. I'm looking forward to peering into your copious accounts of motorcycle racing.